Friday 28 May 2010

Redgannet's Dragonflies has moved.

Redgannet's Dragonflies has moved.
Thank you to those who showed an interest and I hope that you will understand.
This site is not getting the traffic to warrant a seperate identity from the home blog, so from now on it will re-join
As the northern summer approaches, I will be finding more dragonflies and wanting to post them on the blog. Amalgamating the two under the birdy blog will save a lot of time, which I find myself very short of.

Where applicable, I will tag any new posts with odonata content so that a search can be used to filter out the feathers. If you do visit the birdy blog looking for dragonflies, please leave a comment. If I get enough comments, I will re-consider splitting again, but for now, I cannot justify the time running two blogs.
See you at Redgannet and thanks again.

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